Sonakshi Sinha and Justin Bieber

Canadian singer Justin Bieber is set to tour India for the very first time, and fans are in a frenzy. Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha has been signed to perform live with Bieber, much to the pleasure of her fans! Great exposure for Sonakshi and a treat for us, right?

However, acclaimed singer Kailash Kher doesn’t believe so. In his opinion, it is another singer who should get the opportunity to share the stage with an internationally acclaimed singer.

“I read somewhere that a Canadian singer Justin Bieber is coming to India, and actress Sonakshi will perform at the gig. The news was cute, but quite a lie. It doesn’t give a good message internationally. They (people from other countries) will think that Sonakshi must be a big singer in India. And then she will get concert offers from Canada, and then probably Sonakshi will laugh them off saying ‘I am not a singer but an actor’,” Kher told a news agency.


“Whenever any singer from the West comes to India, we get an actor on board to match their level. We don’t get singer for another singer, but actor… Event managers and producers of entertainment industry are so scared,” he added.

Do you too believe that depriving Indian singers of such a huge platform and passing it to Bollywood actors is an unfair trend that is taking over? Let us know!


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