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Sonakshi Sinha recently opened up about battling fat-shaming and trolling online. Celebrities have been at the forefront when it comes to being shamed and trolled by anonymous users on the internet. This is why it has been called the dark web. The Dabangg actress Sonakshi Sinha has always spoken about trolling and being fat-shamed by netizens. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Sonakshi recalled how even during her time in fashion school she was faced with judgments of weight, clothes and other things. But the actress said that she has moved on and decided to be an idol to the other girls who are struggling with the same issues.

Talking about battling fat-shaming, “For me, it was very simple. While growing up I needed a role model like that who I can look up to be and be like ‘oh she is pretty cool, she’s very comfortable in her own skin and she is doing great for herself, she’s doing good work’. I never had that so I always wanted to be that. I was in fashion school so even there it was very look centric and how you look and what you wear, what you weigh, it was all about that in fashion school so. I wanted- if a girl in college for example is having a hard time- to look up at me and be like you know what I want to be like her. She is pretty cool, she is ok with who she is she does things on her own terms and conditions, she loses weight when she wants to, she puts on weight when she wants to. She doesn’t give a damn about what people are saying about it.”

The Dabangg actress has always raised her voice against trolling and abuse that goes on online. Sonakshi, as a celebrity, has faced it too, but she hit back at the trolls and spoke about the cause as well, the actress said, “It has become a serious issue and which is why during lockdown I did a series which was about educating people about online etiquette, trolling, about the impact it can have on youngsters. There are kids who don’t go to school because they are bullied online and the effect it has on people’s mental health and so it is not a thing to be taken lightly. Right now it is just getting out of hand. I feel like defenitely there should be stricter rules about the kind of people that have access to social media.”

Check out the conversation below:

Sonakshi was recently featured in the song Mil Mahiya which is sung by Raashi Sood. The fans have been loving the addictive catchy tunes and Sonakshi’s groovy performance.

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