The recent Bengaluru molestation case has grabbed a lot of eyeballs because of the varied reaction it has received on social media. The shameful incident that took place in the narrow lane of Bengaluru has irked each and every individual all over India. Of course there are hypocrites and psychopaths who support the act, but majorly everyone is condemning the act. Similarly, rapper Raftaar, who is rejoicing the popularity of his recent hit ‘Dhakkad’ from Aamir Khan’s film ‘Dangal’, has lashed out on a YouTube blogger who had made a mockery of this entire episode.


The video has a YouTuber called Summit Verma randomly kissing females on street and running away in the name of a prank. This did not go down well with the rapper who strongly feels that whatever happened in Bengaluru was disrespectful. With a huge post that involved abuses and warning, Raftaar made it quite clear for the YouTuber that such silly videos would not be tolerated. This is what he posted.


The result of this was that the Youtuber apologised and removed the video.

Maybe not a huge change, but at least someone got some sense with the all bashing.