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Sidharth Malhotra has had his fair share of highs and lows in Bollywood. He has had movies that did not do so well at the box office which affected his career to the point where he was almost getting written off, but with Shershaah he is all set to redeem himself as he brings to life the powerful and impactful Captain Vikram Batra. In an exclusive interview with us, Sidharth talked about being an outsider from Delhi and going through somewhat of a downfall but only coming back super strong.

Sidharth told Bollywood Bubble, “Well, I feel that’s one thing odd about our industry that they equate everything to business. I think in Bollywood, the way of judging a good film or bad film is purely based on numbers which is great and fair of course in one aspect of filmmaking but if history has taught us anything that there are movies of megastars today that we can say where we love watching on television or on top platforms which at that time possible had not made that kind of money whether it is Mr Bachchan.” Sidharth talked about watching Agneepath growing up which he absolutely loved as a cult film, but it did not do so when it came to numbers.


Sidharth said that to him what really means as an actor is that eventually after years of doing a film a character, a role, delivering a dialogue if any one of his fans told him, ‘I really liked that line and I remember that scene or I like that film’, that is of more value than what the box office was at that time. The Shershaah star said, “That is my opinion I am not defending the films that I have done or not done because, to be honest, I have seen both spectrums. So I feel I can give an apt response on it. It is easy to criticize a film when it doesn’t do a certain kind of business or every other reason people associate with it. But, I feel in today’s day and age, all thanks to the lockdown and the ott platform people are watching the films for the content in it.”

When asked why he doesn’t really express when things don’t go right for him on the movie front, “I think that is my personal or maybe Delhi boy outsider angle that I dont want to portray my personal emotions on-screen, on-camera or interview I feel I need to look at this as my work as my profession. I have heard all the positive and negative on social media and what people say and chatter and I feel the only answer was to kill their success and here is a film that I feel extremely passionate about. I had nobody else to tell me coming from New Delhi, coming from a non-filmy background to tell me what it was to deal with people not only in front but behind the camera. You have to handle so many egos and I dont think honesty is appreciated as always.”

Check out the full conversation below:

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