Sushant Singh Rajput

Vikas Gupta’s younger brother and actor Siddharth Gupta was one of Sushant Singh Rajput’s good friends. He was his roommate for almost a year and he was left heartbroken when Sushaant passed away. Siddharth had penned down a heartbreaking letter for Sushant after his death and now in a recent interview, he opened up about the last message that Sushant had left him.


In an interview with Pinkvilla, Siddharth said that he received Sushant’s last message five days before his death. Sushant had told their common friend Kushal Zaveri that he is working on himself spiritually. Sushant also asked the two of them to come and meet him. Sushant had spoken about Siddharth with Kushal and also told him to send him love.

Siddharth said, “I feel gutted. It’s a huge loss for every one of us. I always followed what he was doing but he had moved on in his life. He had a different set of people that he was staying with. When this message came, I remember talking to Kushal; I told him that I felt there might be something off because this wasn’t him entirely being so out there. Kushal had messaged him back saying let’s catch up soon and do the things we were doing. My aim was to not intrude his space but I was expecting, because of that text, I am going to be able to meet him very soon and I will get to know what has happened. I sensed something. But obviously, I didn’t have his number; Kushal recently got it. We didn’t know where he was putting up at that time. Not in a million years, we could have thought of anything going wrong.”


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He further adds, “You can’t change things bro. It’s butterfly effect. You just feel that you could have changed few things which I definitely believe. He was the happiest with all of us so if we were there, things would have been different. I remember that when I had left Sushant’s house, he had told me, ‘we will meet at the top’. This was very difficult to deal with for a few months but then, I read a lot of things in between and now, I’m out of it. Otherwise, you question everything.”

Meanwhile, Sushant’s death case is under investigation by the CBI and NCB after a drug probe emerged from it. Many Bollywood celebrities were summoned by the agency to investigate the drug nexus.

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