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Actor Shreyas Talpade will be seen playing cricketer Pravin Tambe in Kaun Pravin Tambe. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, the actor opened up on being typecast, battling the lows and a lot more. Talpade had delivered some of the stellar performances in films like Iqbal, Dor but he ended up being typecast as a comic actor. In the interview, Shreyas said that it was refreshing to play the character of Pravin Tambe.

He added, “Forget the audience, even I have forgotten the fact the film which was something like Iqbal way early in my career which is a serious kind of film. Every actor waits for that opportunity, he keeps trying in his own manner in some different ways. Sometimes things don’t fall into place when you wanted to. But there is always a time and I felt very very happy when I was approached for this particular part. It was quite unbelievable to be honest considering sometimes people feel that ‘arre ye pehle hi ek cricket ki film kar chuka hai, aab doobara cricket ki film, pata nahi kya comparison hoga, woh karna chahega ya nahi, kya hoga’. But something like this, no actor can say ‘no’.


Watch the trailer of Kaun Pravin Tambe here.

Talking about his career lows, the actor said, “Those things really bother you. I won’t say ki ‘mujhe kuch hua hi nahi’. Of course, it bothers you, it takes you into self-doubt ki ‘mai kya kar raha, mai chod deta hoon yaar, kuch aur kar leta hoon’. Then you think ki ‘mujhe aur kuch aata hu nahi hain. Mai aur kya karunga? (he laughs). Then you go back to your basics. That is one thing I have learned that ‘go back to your basics’.”

He added, “There are times when we do a lot of things and then we probably start feeling that we know this and that. But we forget going back to our basics and that is exactly I do. Especially with Pravin Tambe, when I started doing it.”

You can watch the full interview here.

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