Salman Khan and A R Rahman

Salman Khan was the Chief Guest at the launch event of Raunaq, a joint musical collaboration between musical maestro A R Rahman and Union Minister Kapil Sibal. As know to all Salman is never on time and so he arrived at the event much after it started. No sooner did he arrive than he was called on stage to release the Music Album.

Everybody wondered why Salman was called as the Chief Guest when there were already enough VIPs present. Among others there were Anil Kapoor, Amar Singh and Jaya Prada at the event.




All was well until Salman was asked to speak a few words. When Maninee Mishra asked Salman, “Kaisa lag raha hain yahan aakar?”, Salman without batting an eyelid replied, ‘Accha lag raha hain’ in a tone that made the audience laugh. Salman Khan praised Kapil Sibal but for reasons best known to him he took potshots at Rahman.

He said, “You all know what an average artist Rahman is. Right? There are two things common between me and him, ” Jai Ho!,” after which colour drained out of Rahman face. Salman also questioned Rahman sarcastically, ” “Hamaare saath kab kaam karoge yaar?”

Salman also boasted that he was the best person anyone could have had in the gathering to inaugurate the music album.

As soon as the album was launched, Salman moved to shake hands with Rahman. But a grumpy Rahman refused and kept his hand firmly placed inside his sleeve pocket.

Kapil Sibal and Rahman addressed a joint press conference, where they were questions on Salman. Answering why Salman was called as the Chief Guest, Kapil said, “He is an outstanding artist with a great mass appeal. So we thought of having him.”

Rahman who appeared unusually quiet all throughout the event especially after Salman’s comments, said that he would work with Salman only when he makes movies that he (Rahman) likes. Later Rahman did try to placate the situation by saying that it was nice to have had Salman at the event and they have collaborated in the past successfully.

We wonder what was wrong with Salman and what does he have against Rahman.