The tall gorgeous Deepika Padukone is a thorough professional, and this fact is the reason she is a hot favourite of most of the producers, directors and actors. Deepu is known to be punctual and does push herself. Last week she worked for around 30 hours straight, and at present is feeling quite weak and exhausted. Therefore she has no other option but to take a break.


As per sources, after shooting for ‘Happy New Year’ for 16 odd hours, Deepika rushed for her dance performance at an award function. Not only did she perform, she also did a thorough rehearsal with the team before that. But due to overworking herself, she almost fainted on the sets on Friday and by Saturday she had high fever. After consultation with the doctor she was advised bed rest.

Sources further added, “Deepika who is a work-o-holic would usually skip his advice, take medication and head straight to the studio but this time around, she was physically drained. She had a hectic day ahead with a magazine shoot and brand commitment to keep. However she felt very weak and hence had no option but to stay home and rest. Deepika’s health has taken a toll. The doctor has strictly advised her complete rest for a couple of days.”

We know work is worship, but not at the cost of your health Deepika.