Ali Zafar

Actress Sara Khan, last seen in telly show ‘Savdhaan India’, is all set to make her film debut in ‘Total Siyapaa’, starring Ali Zafar. Last heard, she had an awkward moment during the shoot when she came out to meet her co-star Ali’s family in a towel.



According to sources, Sara cleared the air as to why she was in a towel. Apparently, the actress’s opening shot required her to be wrapped in a towel and at that moment, Ali’s mom, wife and friends had come to meet him on the set. “I was in a towel as the sequence we were shooting for required it — it shows my character has just stepped out of the shower. Without thinking twice, I went to greet everyone. The next day, Ali told me that his family had thought that I’d had a shower in real life. I was so embarrassed! Thank God, Ali told them that it was my character’s attire,” said Sara.

We had seen our heroes promoting towels now we have heroines too doing the same.