Shirish Kunder

Religion is a personal choice, not when you’ve enough jobless people to lend their time to bother about your whereabouts. When you do something out-of-the-box, you irk them. Filmmaker Shirish Kunder recently dealt with one such soul, in the most apt manner possible.


It so happened, that Shirish took to Twitter and shared a photo of wife Farah Khan and three children, from one of their vacations. “My family, proudly posing at the top of the Grand Canyon, after throwing me into it. No idea of time here. Is it 2017 yet?,” he jokingly wrote.

Rather than appreciating the beautiful bonding that the picture was showing, one fan randomly came and asked “Your Kids Hindus or Muslims?”

Like everyone knows, Farah practises Islam while Shirish is a Hindu. And the two have been happily living together, sans any religious conflict. Instead of losing his cool, Shirish chose to be humorous. “Depends on which festival is next. Last month, they were Christians,” he answered.

LOL! That was such an excellent answer to an absurd question. Want to know what followed afterwards? Go to Kunder’s profile and see how a troll was trolled!