Shilpa Shetty

Actress Shilpa Shetty has always been actively involved in social causes and she is now planning to organise a charity show for the orphans.


In collaboration with British boxer Amir Iqbal Khan, the actress will be hosting a charity concert in London that will be held for the benefit of orphans in south-east Asia.”The region’s population of orphans is rising and is close to 40 million, which is the highest in the world. They aim to create awareness about this. Amir and Shilpa want to bring several south-east Asian celebrities together for the concert,” said a source.


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Shilpa confirmed the same, adding, “Turning a blind eye or shifting responsibility is not a solution for these vulnerable children, who are easy targets for sexual exploitation and human trafficking. Most people don’t understand the extent of the problem. These children are real, all 40 million of them, and have no shelter, food or hope.”

The show will be held on April 29.

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