Om Puri

Actor Om Puri, who has appeared in several cross border films with Indo-Pak joint contribution, has strongly opposed the idea of banning Pakistani artists. But at the same time, his remarks towards Indian Army did not go down well with many.

“We haven’t forced them to join army,” Puri aggressively said.


His aggression went a few notches higher when he further stated, “Prepare 15-20 people as suicide bomber and send them to Pakistan.”

This of course did not invite very positive response. Another veteran actor Paresh Rawal took to Twitter and wrote, “Never thought someone like Om Puri ji would make such a shameful comment. Sad. This is so heartbreaking.”

Earlier, Puri said banning was not going to help the problem and that the Pakistani actors came to India with work visa and not illegally.

Watch the video below:

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