Shah Rukh Khan and Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan is caught in another controversy; that of performing at the controversial Saifai Mahotsav for a huge fee of Rs. 6 crores when the riot affected people of Muzzaffarnagar were freezing and that has truly irked the Dabangg Khan no end is the way he is being targeted by political parties and news reporters.




According to sources, an angry Sallu said, “Kya karoon? How can I convince people that my intentions are true, yeh naatak nahin hai! Whether I get paid Rs. 6 crore, Rs. 8 crore or Rs. 12 crore, it’s my hard earned money. I’m an actor who gets paid to entertain. Two lakh people watched me perform that evening. That money will be used to take care of the hospital bills of 250 kids and I bought equipment for a medical college in Aligarh. That’s more than what the shawl wearing folk, standing outside their sarkari bungalows, pointing fingers at me, will do. I was at a college in Nagpur before I flew to Saifai. Did anyone bother about what I did there?”

Surprisingly it was his foe turned friend, Shahrukh Khan who has taken up for him, saying it is “unfair to nitpick on Bollywood” as they are just doing their “job” as entertainers. Well the two friends turned foe had hugged each other last Eid and thus ended their enmity but still they try to avoid each other. Salman Khan reasoned, “Shah Rukh is doing his job, I’m doing mine. If our eyes lock we will say ‘Hi’. Our relationship can never be what it once was, not now when both of us are so busy.”