Shahrukh Khan's secret trait revealed!

Superstar Shahrukh Khan is usually portrayed as a uber cool person on screen, but herein lies the secret that was revealed by King Khan.  He is one of the most shy person and relates many funny incidents to confirm the truth .


According to sources, SRK said,”during the shoot of Dard-e-Disco from ‘Om Shanti Om’ he had to put on shorts and get into the tub but Sharukh was feeling shy to go in front of all those girls (background dancers), so asked them to keep away till he he was in the tub and waited till they left to come out of the tub.”

Well who would have thought that the person who is seen as this sexy, smart and an extrovert guy when he is on-camera,oozing confidence. But that in real life, he is very shy.