Shahrukh Khan and Suhana

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan’s selfie with teen sensation Zayn Malik went viral on social media. Shah Rukh Khan is known to be a tech savvy actor. He is also one hero who connects with the current generation beyond films. Well therefore Shah Rukh Khan’s fans were not surprised about The Badshah being aware of the ‘One Direction’ member Zayn Malik.


Well it seems like Shah Rukh Khan has to thank his daughter Suhana for the Zayn Malik selfie. Shah Rukh Khan’s daughter is huge fan of the celebrity singer Zayn Malik. Despite being a superstar with a huge fan following, Shah Rukh Khan didn’t mind walking up to Zayn and chat up with him.

Zayn Malik
Zayn Malik

Sources said, “Shah Rukh was so cool, on finding out that it was Zayn Malik who his daughter adores he greeted Zayn. The One D singer was surprised to see the superstar himself come up to him. He was very overwhelmed with SRK’s gesture.”

With Zayn Malik confessing on Twitter as to how he’d like to feature in Farah Khan’s ‘Main Hoon Na’. Farah even offered the singer a role with SRK in ‘Main Hoon Na sequel’. If Zayn Malik accepts the offer, we are sure that Suhana Khan will be super thrilled.

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