Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan hug

The holy month of Ramzan has bought two friends, who had eventually turned enemies to forget their differences and be friends once again. This miracle happened at Baba Siddique,s Iftar party on Saturday night The two Khans shook hands and acknowledged each other for the first time , after their spat five years back at Katrina Kaif’s birthday celebrations.


As per sources,Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan both were present at the party. Salman Khan was moving around the table greeting everyone and when he reached Shahrukh Khan their was a tenseness in the environment, as every one waited with bated breath. Shahrukh Khan to avoid a conflict looked ahead, Salman Khan tapped him and extended his hand, immediately SRK got up and embraced him.

This hug sent a wave of joy around the room and soon there was a visible excitement, “They did not speak after that. If Salman had ignored only Shah Rukh at the table, it would have been very uncomfortable for everyone present at the Iftar party. It was really gracious of him to make the first move. SRK, was quick to react with a warm smile and a genuine hug.”