If Salman Khan finds me romantic onscreen then I might be - Shahrukh Khan

Superstar Shahrukh Khan is known to charm the audience with his witty sense of humour and his cute dimpled smile that has the ladies going gaga over him. Shahrukh Khan is a pleased man with the success of his movie Chennai Express and dreams of making a Rs 10,000 crore film.


As per surces, SRK shared his success mantra – “One has to be tensed to be successful in life and one should not be restful and at peace with what they have if they want to be successful in life.”
He does not consider himself a romantic hero but quips tongue in cheek that if his arch-rival Salman Khan finds him romantic onscreen, then he might be.

He also says that a person should respect women and never abuse them. No wonder he is so popular among women.