Shahrukh Khan celebrating dahi handi

Shahrukh Khan was very busy this ‘Dahi Handi’. After spending time with his fans at Ghatkopar he moved on to Jambori Maidan to address a huge crowd gathered there to see their favourite star. SRK as usual was at his entertaining best.


As per sources, Shahrukh Khan was dancing on stage with a sword and even invited a shirtless fan on stage and after joking with the host Kapil Sharma, danced to the tune of his latest number ‘LungiDance’.  But the music was turned off after 10 by the law keepers even though SRK was dancing to the tune of a Marathi Number.

The fans were driven crazy with their favorite star speaking Marathi and dancing on Marathi songs. Well this is SRK’s magic!