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Bollywood superstars Salman Khan and Shah rukh Khan are clashing at the box-office on Eid 2016. This news sent the fans of the Khans into a tizzy. With the announcement of YRF’s Sultan releasing on Eid 2016, a date already booked for Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees, was being called as the biggest Face-off between the Khans. Fans were worried that the two Khan’s who had just mended bridges and were bonding big time once again, will be drawn into this battle inevitably.

Shah Rukh Khan recently at the launch of the new TAG Heuer edition watches, finally broke his silence on the matter. He said, “First, it’s not a clash. I know everyone’s too excited about the clash because of the social media. I would like to clarify something now. There are only 365 days in a days with 52 weeks and we make almost 200 films. So it’s bound to happen that some films release on the same day.”


Shah Rukh Khan also added that, “there can be no bad blood between anyone, because of the releases. Plus, both the films are made my friends. Sultan has Salman in it. Adi is producing it. Raees will have me and Excel is producing it. We are very loving, caring and friendly people. So we will work it out in a way that we get the best business time as possible.”

Shah Rukh Khan’s take on the business of both the films being affected is that, “the business is being affected but as we are such good friends that we have decided to do everything together. We will release films together. So don’t call it a clash.”

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