Shah Rukh Khan

This man has entertained us for decades now; through characters familiar and unfamiliar to us. He is a hero with unmatched charisma, he is a villain with dark and delicious evil-ism. He is a lover, a father, a brother. Playing such diversity of course comes with tons of memories.

So, Shah Rukh Khan went on a cleaning spree and was shuffling through costumes collected from various films, through last 25 years. Nostalgic, he took to Twitter.


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“Cleaning 25yrs of costumes collected from my films. From the ‘cool’ chain 2 Fan jacket. Nostalgic..i hav been so many ppl & still been none,” he wrote.

The best thing an actor does is to become people he has never met. It must be strange to unveil the reel-self and become himself at the end of the day!

Nevertheless, we love you for what you are, SRK!

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