Shah Rukh Khan

A career in Bollywood spanning over 25 years. Numerous characters played, rather lived. Shah Rukh Khan carries an unmatchable legacy of his own. While you remember him as the avid exemplar of romance, he has had his share of diverse roles. At 51 when others are pretty much happy with the self-built comfort zones, SRK did ‘Dear Zindagi’.

The film raises important questions; especially given that mental wellness is still subjected to piles of taboos in our society. However, you’d be wrong if you think he consciously chose the project after evaluating its relevance.

In of his interviews, SRK had called ‘Dear Zindagi’ something that he has never done before; and we quite believe that. But while he conversing with a leading daily, he claimed he didn’t understand the film. (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan and their kids make a perfect family on the cover of a magazine)


“To be honest, I understand the essence, I understand the empowerment of women, I understand the issues about young girl. For instance, I didn’t understand ‘Dear Zindagi’. But they (makers) knew it. This is very essential,” he says.

He is rather happy to stay in the times he comes from. “I may not be able to convince you with my love story at my age and stage, but I come from a different world. I work with new directors but I don’t understand the beauty of it,” he adds.

But the films still turn out to be beautiful. How amazing is that?