Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan, has achieved quite a lot in the Indian Cinema. He is one of the biggest stars and probably one of the richest actors too. But all he has earned is through the world of Bollywood. With the recent trend of extending the arena and trying hands in the world of Hollywood setting in, will SRK ever move out of his comfort zone and try something new? Well, he sure wants to go to Hollywood, but with a twist.

In a recent interview, Shah Rukh revealed his dream, a dream to make a film that is loved and appreciated not just by Indians, but by people all across the globe.That’s how we wants to go International. He says, “My dream has been very small. It is to make that one film in India which the world loves as much as the biggest hits in India. If I do it as a producer, as an actor, as a light boy, as a spot boy, as a cameraman, whatever, I just want to make that one film for India.”

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However, he appreciated the Bollywood divas who have made it big in Hollywood. “Full appreciation for Deepika and Priyanka. I think what they have done is amazing as a stepping stone to a lot of actors and actresses to move towards Hollywood,” he stated.

Well, we do await that day when the film SRK is dreaming of makes to the theatres. But as of now, we are happy with ‘Raees’.

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