Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani

Farhan Akhtar and Adhuna Bhabani’s divorce came to us like a shock. A row of B-town couples who we thought were together forever, parted ways recently, Farhan-Adhuna being one of them. They called it quits to their 16-year-old togetherness as personal differences between them grew up. All this while we were wondering what Shabana Azmi, who happens to be Farhan’s mother, had to say about the divorce. Finally, she has spoken up.

”Our family reacted with a lot of pain because I really love Adhuna and so does the family. What has been a matter of huge relief is that both of them have done it with so much dignity and that they continue to enjoy cordial relations with each other”, the veteran actress said.


“They didn’t throw much at each other, they are responsible towards not only the children but to each other as well. And in no way has it changed my equation with Adhuna or Javed’s (Akhtar) relationship with her.”, she added.

Being the kind of independent and self-sufficient woman she is, Shabana Azmi has always been proud of Adhuna’s professional achievements. ”I respect her as a person of integrity and credit her for bringing a revolution in Hindi cinema where hairstyling is concerned. Earlier, there were only two hairstyles. If the hero had a fringe, he was village bumpkin. If he slicked his hair back, he was an urban sophisticate. Adhuna sensitised our actors to how integral hair is in defining a character”, she proudly states.

Farhan and Adhuna have always appeared publicly as a couple with much grace and sophistication. Even though they walked different ways from the marriage, the duo shares a relationship full of mutual respect and admiration.


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