Sanjay Dutt

Actor Sanjay Dutt’s wife Manyata Dutt was hospitalized after fainting at home and is being treated for a collapsed lung. On seeing his wife lying  unconscious on the hospital bed with various tubes attached to her body, Sanjay Dutt  broke down completely and the hospital staff had to calm him down. Sanju is at the moment out on parole to take care of his wife.


As per sources, “He was wailing, saying that he cannot take this anymore. He told the hospital staff that he has suffered many losses in his life, including his mother Nargis and first wife Richa Sharma, who both succumbed to cancer. The sight of Manyata in the hospital bed, triggered all those memories. Sanjay said that he is really scared at this point in time. Manyata’s hospitalization reminds him of his earlier losses. As Manyata’s treatment is getting prolonged, he is panicking. And on top of it he is alone in hospital.”

Sanjay Dutt had lost his mother to pancreatic cancer and his first wife Richa Sharma to a brain tumour. Now his wife Manyata has undergone surgery to remove fluids from her lungs and also rumoured that she too has a tumour in her liver. Sanju has not left her bedside since she has been admitted. As the actor was alone, hospital staff had to console him and quieten him down.