Salman Khan's lawyer

The defence lawyer, Saraswat, who was representing actor Salman Khan in the infamous poaching case has now claimed to have been receiving death threat calls from someone who claims to be an ‘international gangster’.

The gangster apparently wants Salman to be acquitted in the case.

According to the counsel, the caller allegedly asked him to be ready to face dire consequences and that none can save him. Saraswat filed a complaint with the police about the same, recently and has now been provided with an armed policeman as security.


“We have provided him the armed policeman for his security and have started investigating the matter,” Police Commissioner Ashok Rathore said.

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Not just him, Saraswat also claimed that the same ‘gangster’ had called Salman Khan a few days back and demanded protection money, which the star had refused to give.

Police is investigating on the matter now.

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