Salman Khan Varun Dhawan

Salman Khan‘s ‘Judwaa’ had created a one-of-its-kind madness. Over two decades down the line, Varun Dhawan is set to recreate the magic with ‘Judwaa 2’.

Time has changed. We’re sure there will be many new additions to the remake’s execution. However, one more strange similarity between the two films struck our eyes.

Not many know that Salman had bagged ‘Judwaa’ when he was 29 years old. Incidentally, Varun, at the age of 29 as well, is doing ‘Judwaa 2’! (Also Read: Varun Dhawan’s father David Dhawan confirms that two songs from ‘Judwaa’ will be in ‘Judwaa 2’)


Didn’t surprise you enough? Okay, here’s the next one. ‘Judwaa’ was the first film to feature Salman in a double role. After two decades, ‘Judwaa 2’ has Varun playing a double role, for the very first time in his career!

Weirdly co-incidental, isn’t it? The film releases on 29th September. Looks like 29 is indeed a lucky number for the team!

Varun kickstarted the shoot of this David Dhawan directorial, dancing to the tunes of a Ganesha song. We can’t wait for the film already!


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