Salman Khan

The Bombay High Court has postponed the appeal of superstar Salman Khan to July 27 now. The reason for the postponement given was that the compilation of the papers from Marathi to English as yet was not complete. Now the High Court has decided to fix the date of hearing in Salman Khan’s appeal in the 2002 hit-and-run case on July 27.

Sources said, Salman Khan had appealed aggainst his conviction, but as the documents were not all in English, the actor’s lawyer Amit Desai had asked for time to study them and also get them translated to English to make matters easier. As the language used in the High Court is English and all documents in any other language used in lower courts as evidence must be translated into English.


Justice A.R. Joshi expressed the anxiety that despite the court’s order to expedite the matter, the hearing had not yet begun. Justice Joshi adjourned the matter to next Monday when he would check the paper book and pass further directions to fix a date for the actual hearing to begin in the appeal.

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