Salman Khan's "Being Human"

Salman Khan is known to do things ‘King Size’, whether he is hosting ‘Bigg Boss’, doing movies or his close to heart charity trust ‘Being Human.’ Now the Dabangg has decided to make his charity more popular by introducing another brand in it. Bike-maker ‘Suzuki Motorcycle India’ has partnered with the ‘Being Human Foundation’, an initiative to launch a special edition of its scooter ‘Suzuki Access’. As part of the tie-up, Suzuki dealers will also sell ‘Being Human’ apparel and merchandise.


According to sources, Salman Khan is unveiling the scooter in the ‘Being Human’ series along with the necessary accessories to accompany the bike. He said, “I am taking charity to the next level and I am taking myself to a lower level. I will do movies but the concentration is more on Being Human right now. Wherever I can get an extra buck for it, I am attaching Being Human to that product. As a businessman, I must be the worst one around. The money earned out of this business doesn’t come to us. Our partners earn but our share goes to the charitable trust.”

Being Human clothes are already a hot favorite among his fans, now it seems that owing to his craze, scooters are all set to be a fun ride. The special edition of Suzuki Access would be priced at Rs 58,975 (on-road Mumbai), while the scooter is currently retailing at Rs 57,887 (on-road Mumbai).