Salman Khan Vs. Gauhar Khan - Lets see who wins!

After  Kushal being removed out of the Bigg Boss house accompanied by Gauhar Khan who made a voluntary walk out, the producers of the show seem to be in a fix. The officials from Colors TV convinced Gauhar to get back into Bigg House even while the stubborn starlet insisted she would go back in only if Kushal too was invited in. On the other hand Salman Khan is totally against Kushal’s re-entry in any circumstance.

On being convinced by all, finally Gauhar has agreed to return to the Bigg Boss house on the condition that Kushal would be allowed in the house in two days. However this seems a little difficult as Salman has made it clear that he won’t allow Kushal to return to Bigg Boss.


As per sources, “Salman says the rules of Bigg Boss house say that if a contestant touches another contestant physically he is disqualified. Kushal bodily pushed Andy. He will therefore not support Kushal’s return under any circumstance.”

Also Salman having said that he might possibly not host the next season, the producers sure cannot afford to antagonize him any further at this point.

Well, lets wait and watch what happens next.