Is Salman Khan trying to persuade Sofia Hayat to forgive Armaan Kohli?

British model Sofia Hayat seems to be a very angry lady and her anger is directed towards Armaan Kohli the man who has no control over his temper. Sofia has decided to lodge a police complaint against the actor of sexual harassment. Salman Khan is trying his best for Sofia to avoid taking such a step, as this might create a controversy and also involve Tanisha Mukherjee, Kajol’s sister.


According to sources, Sallu is trying to solve this matter amicably without any legal involvement. The channel partners too have asked her not to take such a step, as it was done in the heat of the moment for which Armaan had later apologized.

But if Sofia still decides to go ahead then Armaan might face investigation and maybe if the charges are applied, will face a jail term too.

Lets wait and watch what turn the events take.