Salman Khan

Ragging in schools and colleges is an act that we condemn wholeheartedly. Even our Bollywood stars have come out in open at various instances to speak against the menace. But surprisingly star kids too are not spared when it comes to ragging. This we can deduce it from the latest revelations made by Salman Khan on ‘Bigg Boss 10’.


We all know about the recent ugly incident that took place inside the Bigg Boss house involving Swami Om and Bani J. Swami Om threw pee on Bani J and then everyone went mad. Swami was then ousted from the house for his outrageous act and Salman condemned his acts. But then even after he was forced out of the house Bani J broke the rules and refrained from wearing the mic. This did not go down well with Salman who then confronted her on the ‘weekend ka vaar’ epsiode. While discussion was on, Salman said that even he has been subjected to ragging when he was in the boarding school, but then people need to move on from it.

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Though Bani denied facing any such incident while she was away in boarding school, Salman claimed her to be lucky that she did not suffer ragging by the seniors, as the star did so.

Ragging needs to stop, is all we would like to say.

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