Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif

Superstar Salman Khan known to have a soft corner for his exes is also very protective towards them. Recently the Dabangg Khan  reprimanded close friend who made an uncomplimentary remark about Katrina Kaif. It is common knowledge that Katrina Kaif does not belong to the Salman Khan inner circle anymore, as they are not dating anymore, but then that has not stopped Salman from caring for his former lady love.




According to sources, recently one of Salman’s close friend’s made an uncomplimentary remark about Katrina and he was quick to stop his friend from doing so and reprimanded him as well. Khan surely seems to want his former love unscathed by criticism. It can be recalled that when he was with Karan Johar recently at an awards function, he wasn’t too happy when Johar rated Katrina Kaif  low, when it came to measuring honesty levels weren’t up to the mark.

Seems like Kat may be an ex-flame, but Salman’s heart still beats for her.