Salman Khan

Superstar SalmanKhan who has been the host of Bigg Boss for four seasons, may be producing the show next year.  Salman Khan has faced a lot of ire from his fans this season, for when he took Kushal Tandon to task on being rude to Tanisha Mukherjee. He was also accused of being biased towards Armaan and Tanisha. In fact Sallu was trending on Twitter for being unfair.


As per sources , The real reason behind his decision to produce the show next season is a reported tiff between the shows current producers who have been keeping him in dark regarding many things so Salman Khan is pretty much irked with their behavior.

Also an FIR is lodged against him and the channel for hurting Muslim religious sentiment.
Well we hope that under the Dabangg Khan production the show will be a little less controversial.