Salman Khan , Hrithik Roshan & Suzanne Roshan

The shocking news of Bollywood’s hottest couple Hrithik Roshan and Sussanne Roshan seperating shook the industry , but one man who is known as ‘Yaaron Ka Yaa’r is apparently trying to reconcile the two . Yes we are talking about none other than Salman Khan who has turned peacemaker for the Roshan’s.



As per sources, Salman had met Sussanne at a recent store launch in Bandra, Mumbai. Salman Khan being in a hurry to attend an awards ceremony asked Sussanne to catch up later over a cup of coffee . The two had a heart to heart chat  regarding the troubles in Sussanne marriage.
Khan had also recently bonded with Hrithik Roshan too, during New Year celebrations at his Panvel guesthouse and  he advised Hrithik, to sort out his differences with Sussanne who he has become very fond of. Salman has become very protective of Sussane and feels that the husband and wife ought to be together.
Well seems like the advise suggested by Salman Khan is being considered by the two, but they are going slowly one step at a time. It seems that patch up is on the cards between the two.
Now do you still wonder why Salman Khan  has such a fan following?