Arpita Khan and Aayush Sharma’s little munchkin is already a star. His parents share a lot of videos and pictures of him on social media, and soon he goes viral on the internet. His pictures and videos with mamu jaan Salman Khan especially call for a lot of attention. Recently a video of Ahil wrestling with Salman Khan on the title track of ‘Sultan’ had gone viral. It was an extremely cute video and Salman’s fans could not stop gushing over the same. Well, Salman too seems to be quite attached to his nephew. We recently met the Dabangg Khan to converse about his upcoming film ‘Tubelight’, and it was then that we also touched upon the topic of Ahil.

Salman was asked about the same video and he said that Ahil loves the title track of ‘Sultan’ and he always keep singing that to him. Further, when asked what are his traits that he can see in Ahil, Salman said that the little one is a lot like his mother Arpita. Salman said, “I do see a lot of Arpita in him. Her growing up was exactly like him, exactly the same!” [sic]


He then also shared a funny incident when Ahil was watching the trailer of ‘Tubelight’. Salman described, “We were seeing the trailer of ‘Tubelight’, I guess Atul (Agnihotri) has it in his phone, so he (Ahil) was looking at the trailer, and then looking at me and Sohail.”

Aww… nephew dearie seems to be growing up really fast.


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