Revealed - Why does Salman Khan often goes shirtless?

Salman Khan is famous for his shirtless look. The actor throws of his shirt at the blink of an eye. Nobody is complaining for he has one of the most fab bodies in Bollywood, but many were speculating that is it only to show off his physique that the hunk prefers going shirtless.


According to sources, it is not so, there is reason behind Sallu’s shirtless look.  The Dabangg Khan revealed the truth, “I don’t take off my shirt because I like to show off my body. Instead it is because i am very choosy about the fabrics I wear. I cannot wear woolen or any other fabric as they cause irritation.”

He further added, “In fact most of my new tees are first stretched and washed before I wear them. And whenever I get a chance I choose to take off the shirt.”
Well if you have it, do flaunt it Sallu.