Salman Khan and Aishwaya Rai

The latest Star Guild awards had Salman Khan the host squirming in his seat, when he satwith  KJo down on a sofa in a mock interview meant to refer the filmmaker’s TV show ‘Koffee With Karan’. As the witty TV host Karan Johar had everyone in splits with his witty answers to the Dabangg Khan.
Sallu stated the interview with a question that many had asked him but he asked this to Karan, “Karan, aapne abhi tak shaadi kyun nahi ki “, to which Karan replied tongue in cheek, “I am also a virgin,” he said grinning, referring to Salman’s now-infamous declaration of his sexual status on Koffee With Karan.


Do you prefer interviewing actors or actresses, he asked KJo, who came sharply back with, “Do ladkiyon ko daal do couch pet toh zyaada mazaa aata hai. Lekin of course, solid personality ho aapki tarah then there’s no comparison,” KJo also added for good measure. “As a host I swing both ways.”

Sallu never to give up then asked K Jo, what was the truest rumour he had heard about himself was. “That you are in love with me,” said Karan without blinking. “That’s true,” said Salman gamely. “Then I can die happy,” said KJo.

Karan had saved his best for last. And this one completely shook our Tiger. “If you could become a woman, which heroine would you choose?” asked Salman. To which Karan said “Aishwarya Rai.” “Aishwarya Rai Bachchan,” a visibly shaken Salman shot back as the celebrity audience erupted with laughter and applause. “Vajah?,” Salman asked. “Vajah pooch rahe hain aap? Aap pooch rahe hain vajah ?” a caustic Karan threw at Aishwarya-now-Bachchan’s ex-boyfriend.

Well Sallu you cannot defeat Karan in a battle of words, he is too smart and witty to be cornered.