Salman Khan comes in aid of Suzanne Roshan

The handsome superstar Hrithik Roshan and his equally gorgeous wife Suzanne Roshan are apparently going through turbulent times in their relation. Hrithik reportedly will be giving a miss to his wife’s launch of a Luxury Concept Boutique at Bandra. But surprisingly our very magnanimous  Dabangg Khan has decided to step in and led that significant boost to the event.


As per sources , Hrithik and  Susanne have been living separately since two months. But it was confirmed that Hrithik who is off to US for a medical test will be present at the launch but now ti seems all is not well and so Suzannes friend Seema Khan(Sohail’s) wife has asked bro in law Salman Khan to step in to lend star power to the event and he has readily obliged to do the needful.

Well lets wait and watch what happens on the day of the event.