Salman Khan

Superstar Salman Khan has irked the chief minister of Bihar with his comment in praise of the Chief Minister of Gujarat and BJP’s candidate for the position of Prime Minister – Narendra Modi. Salman Khan had said that Modi need not apologize for the Gujarat riots 2002. He said that the BJP leader should not apologize for the communal violence since the judiciary has already cleared him.


As per sources, on Monday Nitish Kumar said that, “2002 riots in Gujarat Can neither be Forgiven nor Forgotten.” The Bihar Chief Minister alleges that the BJP leader should be held accountable for the communal violence that lacerated Gujarat during his first term as its Chief Minister. Modi has been cleared of all the charges by the court in Gujarat that had upheld a Supreme Court investigation on the Gujarat  riots.

Salman Khan had earlier played it safe when asked about his preference as the future Prime Minister of India. But later had stated that he is ready to campaign for BJP but sets certain conditions for Modi.