Om Swami-Salman Khan

One can simply change it to ‘Bizarre House’ from ‘Bigg Boss House’. Everything weird and impossible is possible inside that place, thanks to the desperate contestants who would go any lengths to secure their positions. Among others, Priyanka Jagga and Om Swami have made headlines for the absurd news. Jagga is out, and the last one to get evicted was the self-proclaimed godman. He stooped down to a level wherein he collected his pee in a bowl and threw at two fellow contestants.


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But if only evicting him could stop the drama! Soon after he was out of the house, Swami blasted out and called host Salman Khan an ISI agent; reports a popular website. He also accused Salman of mixing drug in his food!

Earlier, Swami had threatened the makers of the show to call his army and create a mess on the sets if he didn’t win the season.


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