Saif Ali Khan Kareena with son

Ever since Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan named their first child Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, social media has been on fire. A lot of opinions doled out on how the couple can name their son after a Turkish emperor who was known for his violent instincts. Saif-Kareena kept their calm and never let all this hamper their happiness. But finally, Saif has opened up.

In his latest interview with a leading channel, Saif spoke in length about Taimur. The ‘Rangoon’ star said, “I have known a few people called Taimur while I was growing up and there was no drama involved in their names. It was called iron, it’s a strong and beautiful sounding name. Yes, I am aware that there is a Turkish ruler who is possibly a little violent but that was the whole violent. But I think that’s the whole point. If you have to be a conquering ruler, you have to be a little violent.”

He revealed the difference between ‘Timur’ and ‘Taimur’ and stated, “That was Timur and this is Taimur. It might sound similar because it has similar roots. Also, to judge the past by today’s lens is a little far out. A name doesn’t really mean anything. Asoka is a violent name then. There’s Alexander too.”


Taking the topic on lighter-note, Saif drew King Timur’s connection with name Shah Rukh. He was quoted saying, “One of Taimur’s most able generals was his son and his name was Shah Rukh. (Laughs) So if we start getting into what names are right or wrong, then we would be changing everyone’s names. Like Calcutta airport.”

“I am aware that there’s a certain amount of Islamophobia in the entire world today and if, as Muslims – I don’t know if we think of myself in a religious way – somehow kind of own it, then who will? I cannot name my son Alexander and realistically, I could not have called him Ram. Why not a nice Muslim name? And hopefully, bring him up with nice values of secularism, where we love and respect each other. And that’s the end of the name,” he argued. (ALSO READ: Did you know? Vishal Bhardwaj and Saif Ali Khan discussed ‘Rangoon’ 10 years ago)