Richa Chadha blog on #MeToo

If you’re active on social media, then there’s no way the #MeToo trend has escaped your eyes. You’re either someone whose blood boils with all the social evil and you totally empathise with the victims. Or, you’re someone who sees this as another attention-seeking propaganda from the feminists, or the feminazis as you call them.

Raised by victims of sexual assaults, #MeToo stirred the internet and has moved a number of B-Town celebrities too; especially, the strong and vocal ones. One such is Richa Chadha, who penned a powerful blog on the same. (Also Read: Richa Chadha’s take on the firecracker ban in Delhi is honest and upfront)


Richa, on her blog, goes on to describe how invariably, women have been made responsible for what they had to go through, and also how the apparent protectors of law and administration have failed them miserably.

“Each time we are outraged at a woman’s modesty being outraged, a slew of insensitive, irresponsible and downright moronic comments echo from all quarters of our political leadership. Governments change but the attitude doesn’t. Bhaktroll or Libtard, Right or Left, sexism is the one thing that unites our leaders cutting across barriers of region, religion, caste and class. Why don’t we start a new party called United Sexist Front – a revolutionary re-imagining of governments and the opposition. Women can join it too and then everyone can watch porn in the Parliament with glee,” she writes.

Read her full blog here.


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