Hrithik Roshan

Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan is showing starry tantrums on the sets of Bang Bang, well these were the rumours floating around since past few days. The truth is something else. The actor was in fact looking out for the right pair of shoes for his performance and not showing any tantrums.


As per sources, Hrithik Roshan has recently been very much accident prone. Most of his accidents have occurred on the sets of his upcoming action film Bang Bang. He even had to undergo brain surgery for one of it. So to prevent the star from having any further injuries, Hrithik and his team decided to undergo six to seven shoe changes to find the right pair for his performance.

Sources further added that, “For the Tu Meri number from Bang Bang, Hrithik had to groove and move crazily to the peppy beats of the number; and Filmcity, where the song was shot had dew accumulation in the mornings when the song was shot. The dew accumulated made the surface of the floor even slippery and it became tougher for Hrithik to move easily on the slippery floor. Hence he decided to opt for the right pair of shoes to prevent any further accidents!”

So that’s the truth of the whole starry tantrums matter.