Arjun Kapoor's Look in 'Finding Fanny Fernandes'

Bollywood’s Queen Deepika Padukone who had 4 back-to-back super hit movies in the year 2013 will be seen soon in her upcoming film ‘Finding Fanny Fernandes’.


While Deepika’s look in the film is a mystery yet, Arjun Kapoor’s look has been revealed. Clad in a vest and funky glares, Arjun looks like a bohemian all set to go witch hunting for this Fanny Fernandes along with belle Deepika Padukone.

Here’s Arjun Kapoor’s Look in the movie :

Along with Deepika and Arjun we also have Ranveer Singh, who will play Deepika’s hubby dear.

The first Promo of the film will be released in July while the film is set ti hit the screen in August.