Red Chillies Out Of Bounds Due To Krrish 3

Hrithik Roshan’s  magnum opus Krrish 3 is being edited at the Red Chillies office in Khar,therefore the whole area is very closely guarded to protect the details.

The movie is being completed in so much secrecy that no one has got a whiff of it in its Pre Production stage and now too in Post production stage.


As per sources,” Only those people who are required for the editing are authorized to be in the premises. The floor is out-of-bounds for other members of the staff. Shahrukh has given strict orders to everyone to follow Duggu’s instructions regarding this.”

Rakesh Roshan too confirmed it,”Hrithik and I have made it mandatory that no outsider is allowed on that particular floor. Red Chillies has a very professional set-up and is a fantastic place to work.

Looks like the Roshan’s are not leaving any stone upturned to ensure maximum security for their next.


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