Superstar Akshay Kumar was caught in a tangle, when reports of his bodyguard slapping an onlooker  during the shoot of his movie ‘Gabbar’ made headlines .  It was reported that the man a doctor by profession was trying to get too close to Akki  when the ugly incident took place, but seems like there is a different version to the incident.



As per sources, “First and foremost the bodyguard never slapped this man, who is supposedly a doctor from New Delhi. He just shoved him aside when he breached into the shooting zone. When the man fell down, he started accusing the bodyguard of slapping him, which is far from true . Moreover, even that happened when the onlooker was trying to take pictures and got into a verbal dual when stopped from doing so. When asked to keep a distance, the man started behaving rudely and said – ‘Ye sadak tere baap ki hai kya’ (is this road your personal property)? When things turned totally out of control, the bodyguard shoved him aside that resulted in the fall. He didn’t mean to consciously hurt him at all.”
Sources further added that,  “All this happened because there is no sense of privacy left for celebrities today. With anyone and everyone on the street carrying a cell-phone integrated camera with them, it becomes a nuisance during the shoot, especially at outdoors. It is okay, celebrities do attract attention, but then when someone starts clicking pictures from a foot away, it is highly inconvenient. Being a public figure, it is a job hazard but then a part of the job also demands total concentration while giving a shot. When a random person starts clicking pictures in the middle of this, security has to be beefed up.”