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Raveena Tandon has always voiced her opinions on Twitter. And she has even hit back at users who troll her. Only recently, the Aranyak actress opened up about her experience while travelling in a Mumbai local. Her reaction came after a user took to Twitter and questioned Tandon’s understanding of the struggles a middle class person faces in the city. Raveena slammed the user who questioned her privilege.

Taking to Twitter, Raveena Tandon responded to the user and shared how she was eve-teased and pinched as well, when she travelled in the local trains and buses in Mumbai. The Aranyak actress spoke about how it is something every women goes through in locals. She further went on and shared how she worked hard and earned her first car in 1992. Tandon mentioned that “everyone’s life is not a bed of roses” and that “everyone has struggled to reach somewhere”.


She tweeted, “Teen years, travelled in locals/buses, got eve teased, pinched, and everything that most women go through, earned my first car in 92. Development is welcome, we have to be responsible, not only a project, but wherever we are cutting through are forests, to safeguard environment/wildlife (sic).

In Raveena’s next tweet, she wrote, “Everyone’s life is not a bed of roses. Everyone has struggled to reach somewhere. I’m sure you have a house/car too. The day heat waves/flooding/natural disasters strike, it’ll effect the common man first. Elitists will be the first to run away to their Swiss chalet (sic).”

Further, the Aranyak actress continued, “All development is welcome. All one prays is that more is done to compensate for environmental loss/safeguarding of wildlife. India today prides herself with tiger count increase, but because of depleting forest road/rail kills of leopards and tigers are increasing (sic).

For the unversed, the user had tweeted, “Do elite @Deespeak @TandonRaveenaknow the struggle of middle class Mumbaikars (sic)?” The user even tagged Dia Mirza, apart from Raveena. Both the actresses reacted to the decision to shift back the Metro 3 car shed to the Aarey forest in Mumbai, taken by the government of Maharashtra.

On the work front, Raveena was last seen in the movie KGF: Chapter 2. She played the role of Ramika Sen. The movie also featured Yash and Sanjay Dutt.

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