Ranveer Singh

Many Bollywood actors have forayed into TV by either hosting a reality show or judging one. Out of the current lot, actors like Arjun Kapoor and Shahid Kapoor have already made their television debut in 2015 and one of their contemporaries, Ranveer Singh, is also dying to be a part of some TV show soon.


Whenever Ranveer makes an appearance on a TV show to promote his film, he tends to make the most of it through his energy and mass appeal. “I am dying to do television. I think I have the skill set for this,” the actor says.

He adds, “I have been offered TV shows in the past three years. There were multiple television shows which they wanted me to host. But for one reason or the other — mostly date issues — things have not worked out. But it’s definitely on my radar. It’s something I am strongly considering.”

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The actor also revealed that he has been approached for a lot of shows. “There have been some novel concepts, some concepts that have worked internationally that people are trying to introduce in India and some popular existing shows that I have been asked or offered to take the mantle of,” he said, adding, “Nothing has worked out. But I think I am targeting 2018.”

We so cannot wait to see Ranveer showcase all his energy in a TV show.

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