Ranbir Kapoor

Bollywood heartthrob Ranbir Kapoor prefers to avoid all the trappings of stardom. Now it is well known that whenever a top actor travels, he takes along his entire entourage. But Ranbir is different of all and he prefers travelling without being conspicuous. It’s a known fact that whenever he travels out of the city he prefers a simple premium car to a fancy one.


As per sources, “Recently when a fancy sedan was sent for Ranbir Kapoor on his recent visit to Delhi. Ranbir sent it back saying a car like that would attract attention and people would become aware of a celebrity in it. He asked for popular multi premium car, where he took the rear seat, hiding under his trademark cap and dark glasses.”

Sources further added that, “He also didn’t want too many bouncers around him, instead he preferred to only have a sole bodyguard accompanying him. That way, he could also stop at a roadside dhaba to savour street food in the car, without attracting attention of people around.”

Its truly a refreshing change to see a star behaving in this down to earth manner.