Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan

The season seven of  reality show Bigg Boss, was the most controversial of all. Every single day bought a new controversy and we think this was the only Bigg Boss season when the contestants landed on the wrong side of law. Not only the contestants but the host too was caught in the melee. Salman Khan was tagged as biased not only by his opponents but also by his fans . The social networking sites were full of negative tweets  about Salman . He was so  troubled by the negative publicity that he announced that it will be his last season  as the host.


As per sources , The makers tried convincing him but to no avail ,  Salman Khan is firm on his decision of not hosting Bigg Boss 8. Now there are rumours floating around that the makers of the show have gone ahead and approached Ranbir Kapoor to host the eighth season of Bigg Boss. Ranbir Kapoor with whom the Dabangg shares not so good terms is the next host of Bigg Boss?

Well as Salman Khan had said on ‘Koffee With Karan’, that this man is taking everything from him be it Katrina Kaif , Movies and now it seems TV shows too.